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My first dog

June 25, 2015

I’ve loved dogs all my life. In the first photos taken of me as an infant — grainy black and whites from a brownie camera — you’ll see Louis, a black Labrador retriever sitting beside me. She was my constant companion. Then as a young girl, there was a black poodle who never left my side. As I raised my own kids, there was always a golden retriever growing-up alongside them. So loved – the kids and the dogs.

My last golden, Mikki, was a sweetheart. She was so gentle and friendly that she would crouch down to make herself as small as possible when she was around a small child. And she was smart. As she neared the end of her long life, whenever I asked if she wanted to go for a walk she would sit beside the passenger side of the car with pleading eyes as if to say, “I really want to go out, but could we drive?”

After saying goodbye to Mikki, I said no more dogs. I loved them too much. I get too attached. But, I couldn’t do it. Life without a dog is, well, just not full enough. But, I really didn’t want to have the dog hair billowing in the corners of my house — even after having my entire house cleaned.

Is there such a thing as a perfect dog? I wanted all the best traits of all the dogs I’d ever owned wrapped up in one package. Was it possible? Then I saw my first Labradoodle at a farmer’s market. What a handsome dog! No shedding, you say? I got on the Internet, and started to learn about this fascinating breed.

Eventually I came across the website for Prairie Doodles, and started the first of many conversations with Gail. I liked the look of her dogs – the shape of their heads, their chests, and their types of fleece coats. I didn’t realize at the time that her dogs are excellent examples of the breed standard.

It took three more years for me to actually get my first Labradoodle puppy – a home renovation got in the way, and then we had to get on a reservation list. Then in the early spring of 2013, we drove south of Calgary to meet our first girl, Fynnley. We loved her immediately! Those big brown eyes were a perfect fit for her mischievous personality. Fynnley was only 8 months old when Gail mentioned she also had a chocolate girl that she was thinking of keeping for herself. I ‘pretty-pleased’ her and eventually she agreed that I could have her. After braving a snowstorm, we were back in Calgary ready to pick-up our next little girl, Freddie. I was thrilled when Gail handed the soft bundle of chocolate fur in my arms.

Fynnley and Freddie are the perfect start to our breeding program.

Welcome to Modern Doodles.

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