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Sad Faces No More

May 12, 2016

We were all sad when we realized the girls had come into heat at Christmas. We were hoping for spring puppies but it just wasn’t going to work. Although I confess I did run this scenario through my mind: Wave goodbye to my family as I explained how to cook a turkey; drive to Calgary for Freddie’s date and then Lethbridge for Fynnley’s date and hopefully join one of the stud owners for their Christmas dinner. No, that wasn’t going to work.

So here we are in May and happily watching for signs they will cycle soon. The timing will probably be similar to last year – puppies born mid-summer and then ready to go to their new homes in early October.

I’m still taking applications for these litters. Once we have confirmed pregnancies, I will call all approved applicants in the order I received the application and ask for a deposit to confirm the reservation.

You’ll find the application here.

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