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Pick of the Litter

May 31, 2017

Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t believe I found my car keys in the last place I looked!” Of course that’s what happened. It’s because you stopped looking when you found them.

It’s possible we shouldn’t apply such logic when it comes to choosing a puppy but the notion of “pick of the litter” has been on my mind. Recently I’ve had a lot of conversations with people interested in one of our Labradoodle puppies. I love talking to other dog people but I find it interesting how many prospective puppy owners have a romantic notion of how they’ll know they are getting the right puppy. Somehow the phrase “pick of the litter” has caused some people to think that puppies can be ranked from best to worst.

I also chat to people who want to come see the litter so they can pick the one that comes to them first, because they believe that particular puppy is more well-adjusted than the others.

As a breeder, my viewpoint is different. I want to make sure the puppies go to the right homes. Do you see the difference? I’m looking at it from the puppy’s point of view. Which home is best, not which puppy is best.

Your preferences, your lifestyle – these things matter to reputable breeders. But paramount is the thought that everyone will be happy if we find the right home for each puppy.

I know my puppies. I help their moms give birth, I sleep beside them when they were new, I feed them, play with them, kiss them and snuggle them.

To find a great home for one of my puppies all I need is to know something about you. Think of it as eHarmony for dogs.

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